his Biography

Professor Marcel Saucet is research associate at the University of San Diego in California. He holds a Ph.D in management (with honors) from the university of Nice (Sophia Antipolis).

As a disruptive speaker on artificial intelligence and new concepts of marketing, he gave many conferences about street marketing and Ai in the most prestigious places of the world (United Nations, Harvard, University of Southern California, Essec business School, Western Sydney University …).

As a researcher, he wrote in 2015 the book “Street Marketing: the future of guerrilla marketing and buzz” which received the price of best United States book in Business & Advertising category.

Marcel Saucet is also a successful entrepreneur who created his own advertising agency :streetmarketing.buzz from LCA group: an international laboratory in innovation whose vocation is to democratize knowledge around the world.

His international career

Dr Saucet has worked during all his career with Thierry Mugler, Intel, BNP, Nestlé, Credit Agricole, Clarins, Billabong, … His multi profile allowed him to show real case studies in the business world getting significant results on his client’s sales.

On a personal side, Dr Saucet crossed the world hitchhiking, created the alumni association of his university (alumnice), loves history and politics (he is the former vice president of the University of Nice) and practices boarding sports.

his expertises

Over the last 20 years, Dr Saucet has worked on a lot of topics focused on innovation:

  • ENGAGING PROFESSOR ON STREET MARKETING : Research associate at the University of San Diego, California, Professor since 2003
  • BUSINESS INNOVATOR : Creator of the concept of Street Marketing™, NESTOR Artificial Intelligence software Software, director and founder of LCA World Group
  • OUTSTANDING SPEAKER : Already lectured or spoke at Harvard, the United Nations, Berkeley, USC, ESSEC … about artificial intelligence and marketing in the street
  • UNCONVENTIONAL THINKER ON AI : Saucet works on innovative and non conventional topics like brand psychonalaysis or micro innovations
  • ENTHUSIASTIC RESEARCHER : Award winning author, for « street marketing » publishing books and academic articles in scientific reviews


Notable Events

For the first time, ESGRH students, who won the Ai challenge in China, presented their project in Shanghai to Artificial Intelligence professionals.

On September 7th, 2019, Asma Hasnaoui, Anaëlle Durand and Tarik Bekhtaoui shared the results of their work. In competition with other students in the last 4 months, they won the opportunity to sell their HR solution related to artificial intelligence in real conditions. 

Dr Marcel Saucet, academic director of ESGCI DBA, gave the students a scholarship to pursue an ESGCI doctorate, created by SM&B.

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History : Dr. Marcel Saucet 2

“His main quality is to know how to make people react and how to imply them. Being a little bit provocative allows him to make strong impressions in order to have an impact on people and make them understand a lot of things.”

Jean- Marc Xuereb, marketing department manager at ESSEC Business School

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