L'Expansion Management Review 4

L’Expansion Management Review

L'Expansion Management Review Marcel Saucet "Le Street Marketing version Michel et Augustin ou comment conquérir l’Amérique ?" with Michel Barabel (IRG/UPE), Olivier Meier (IRG/UPE), L’expansion management review, (20-25 mars 2016) Marcel Saucet wrote a 8 pages famous paper in L’Expansion Management Review, a part of l’Expansion, a famous French Magazine which was founded by Jean-Louis [...]
La rue 5

La rue

"Les cahiers européens de l’imaginaire", CNRS, special edition, Mars 2016 Marcel Saucet "Street marketing et application" with B. Cova, Les cahiers européens de l’imaginaire, CNRS, édition spéciale sur la rue, (Mars 2016). Marcel Saucet wrote a scientific paper with Bernard Cova in this review CNRS directed by Mafesolli. la rue est ce qui fonde, anime et [...]
Journal of Marketing Communication 6

Journal of Marketing Communication

Journal of Marketing Communication The Secret Lives of Unconventional Campaigns: Street Marketing on the Fringe, with B. Cova, Journal of Marketing Communications, special issue on ambient/street marketing), 2014. Dr Saucet wrote his most famous paper in Journal of marketing communication. The term unconventional marketing refers to a set of alternative approaches for organizations to carry [...]
Decision's Marketing 7

Decision’s Marketing

DECISION'S MARKETING Marcel Saucet "Le street marketing : une pratique non règlementaire ?" with B. Cova Décisions Marketing, (January 2014). Dr. Saucet’s scientific researches led him to work on the future of marketing and innovations which involve unconventional marketing concepts such as “Guerrilla Marketing”, “Street Marketing”, “Stealth Marketing”, “Viral Marketing” and more. Unconventional marketing is [...]
Micro Innovation & Innovation 8

Micro Innovation & Innovation

Micro & Macro Marketing Marcel Saucet "Marketing non convenzionali, notizie e futuro della ricerca" with B. Cova, Micro & Macro Marketing (2014). Marcel Saucet with Gregorio Fusilli and Bernard Cova, this article in the Italian review. In short, the new kinds of unconventional methods seem opportune and even necessary for brands that find it harder [...]
Harvard Business Publishing 9

Harvard Business Publishing

Harvard Business Publishing Marcel Saucet Street marketing a luxury brand : Taryn Rose DRESR, with Lena Goldberg and Christine Snively, Harvard Case study, (November 2014). Dr Saucet and his Harvard colleagues wrote about an experienced and successful serial entrepreneur, Taryn Rose, who enjoyed going outside of her comfort zone. She had been at her desk [...]