Outstanding Speaker

Dr. Saucet is well known for his conferences focused on innovation in Business (Marketing, Management, Artificial Intelligence, Street Marketing, Communications, Education and Logistics/statistics).

He is frequently invited to speak at the United Nations, Harvard Business School, International companies – large and small, Chambers of Commerce and wherever his expertises are requested.

He is visiting Professor and Researcher, actively involved in numerous programs for Business Schools and large organizations around the world.
He is also the head of the DBA program, doctorate of business administration which is focused on scientific researches for specific topics: artificial intelligence, street marketing, luxury …

Unconventional thinker

Enthusiastic Professor

Top-level and high-end training

Dr. Saucet’s teams of training consultants can prepare a tailor-made training program

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Dr Saucet is a director of academic training, he has his own certification and diploma centers (AACSB, EQUIS, AMBAS) in partnership with leading business schools and universities in France, the USA and the Middle East.

Business Innovator in Artificial Intelligence
And Street Marketing

Increase the reputation of your company

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Implement or understand artificial intelligence

You want to implement or understand artificial intelligence for your business of for education ? We can help you find the perfect implementation. Discover AI tech and Nestor our software in A.I