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Marcel Saucet
“Le street marketing : une pratique non règlementaire ?” with B. Cova Décisions Marketing, (January 2014).

Dr. Saucet’s scientific researches led him to work on the future of marketing and innovations which involve unconventional marketing concepts such as “Guerrilla Marketing”, “Street Marketing”, “Stealth Marketing”, “Viral Marketing” and more. Unconventional marketing is a set of approaches that represents an alternative way of communication for companies and organizations. Among these approaches, street marketing seems particularly appropriate when trying to reach a target of consumers during their urban transfers. However, street marketing actions also bring a degree of risk of legal entanglements to advertisement agencies and their clients, namely, the utilization of common goods for matters of communication. Based on a research conducted with 10 agencies and 8 advertisers, this article highlights how companies attempt to circumvent French law; it provides three major elements that agencies and advertisers mobilize while making the decision to circumvent the law and details how to get around the rules and/ or manage the infringement of the law.

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