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The Secret Lives of Unconventional Campaigns: Street Marketing on the Fringe, with B. Cova, Journal of Marketing Communications, special issue on ambient/street marketing), 2014.

Dr Saucet wrote his most famous paper in Journal of marketing communication. The term unconventional marketing refers to a set of alternative approaches for organizations to carry out communications strategies. Among these approaches, street marketing is particularly suited to targeting consumers as they navigate urban areas. However, engaging in street marketing can also expose advertising agencies and their clients to the potential risk of legal entanglements concerning the utilization of common goods for matters of marketing communication. Based on a study conducted with ten agencies and five advertisers, this article highlights how companies attempt to circumvent the law, revealing three major elements that agencies and advertisers mobilize while making the decision to do so, as well as details of how they get around the rules and manage the risks and costs of breaking them.

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